Ruffles, summer 2017's big trend in girl's clothing

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Ruffles, summer 2017's big trend in girl's clothing

Last year, the most important fashion catwalks in the world made it clear that ruffles were to take children’s and adults’ fashion by storm in spring/summer 2017. Now ruffles are everywhere - on shirts, dresses and t-shirts, even on swimsuits and bikinis for our little girls. So that you can see this craze with ruffles for yourselves, we have selected a few examples of clothes which have ruffles as the main design feature by some of our best designers of girl’s clothing.


1. Dresses with ruffles on different fabrics and in different styles

  • The brand Loan Bor offers beautiful dresses which have a touch of femininity and elegance. In this cream-coloured dress, the ruffles are placed vertically on the bottom half of the dress in order to provide volume and originality.

Beige dress by Loan Bor

  • José Varón has not hesitated in using ruffles on dresses made out of linen. The pretty and cheerful colours stand out, giving a special beauty to the clothing.

Ruffled dress by José Varón

  • The bright colours used by the designer La Amapola this spring/summer match perfectly with ruffles.  In many items, the ruffles are reminiscent of those on a flamenco dancer’s skirt.


  • The designer Lolittos stands out for its pretty dresses that have small lace ruffles.

Ruffled pink dress by lolittos

  • Finally, we would also like to highlight clothing by Sánchez de la Vega. This designer uses ruffles on its dresses in an elegant and sophisticated way.

White dress by Sanchez de la Vega     

2. Swimsuits and bikinis with ruffles for all ages

Another fashion trend this summer is colourful or patterned swimsuits and bikinis. At Vagaluz, we carry swimwear with ruffles that are masterfully attached to this season’s other fashion trend - colour or patterned swimsuits and bikinis. 

  • Nanos (swimsuit on the left) and Sonia Roura (right) are three of the brands that boldly incorporate ruffles into their swimsuits and bikinis.

Ruffled bathing suits for girls

  • The designer Luca Bynn even offers ruffles on its bikini tops.

Green bikini by Luca Bynn


3. Blouses and shirts with ruffles and Andalusian details

Tops, shirts and blouses all incorporate ruffles in order to give fullness and an Andalusian flare that suits our little girls perfectly. 

  • Miss Grant uses this style to perfection in an attractive sleeveless shirt. 

Sleeveless shirt by Miss Grant

  • Mía y Lía adds ruffles to the sleeves of this vibrantly coloured blouse.


  • Sonia Roura’s use of ruffles to finish off the sleeves of a top give it an Andalusian touch.


  • José Varón and Lolittos skilfully incorporate ruffles into beautiful tops that are sure to impress any little girl.




4. Ruffles for the smallest members of the family

Baby clothing has also been included in the trend for ruffles this season. Lolittos (left) and José Varón (right) incorporate ruffles in their baby sets. 

Ruffled baby clothing by Lolittos and José Varón


5. Beautiful outfits with ruffles as the protagonist

This summer the brand Badum Badero dresses girls with pretty blouse and skirt sets in which ruffles form the sleeves.

Pretty blouse and skirt set by Badum Badero


These are just some of the items available from our collection. In Vagaluz’s girl’s section, you can find many more stunning clothes that feature ruffles and that will enable your girl to dress in the latest fashion.




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