Make Valentine’s Day special for your children with a party

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Make Valentine’s Day special for your children with a party

Valentine’s Day has become a very popular holiday but, all too often, children are ignored. At Vagaluz, we feel that children should also be able to enjoy all the festivities. A great way to make them feel loved is to host a party for them. We would like to give you some ideas on how to decorate your house, what food to prepare, what crafts to make and, most importantly, what your children could wear to their party.

Make decorations to turn your house into a Valentine’s Palace

Use red, pink and white as a colour scheme to decorate your house for Valentine’s Day. Blow up some balloons in these colours and scatter them in the party room. Buy some red heart bunting, or make your own out of cloth. It’s amazing all the Valentine’s Day decorations that can now be bought very inexpensively. You could also make paper chain garlands in red, pink and white, or polka dots and stripes, and drape them around the house.

For a striking look, use a red, pink or white tablecloth and place flowers in these colours in a vase to use as a centrepiece.

Valentine’s Day fashion for your children

This beautiful patterned dress by Lolittos would make a great Valentine’s Day outfit. With its oversized collar and attention to detail, it has a very unique, Spanish look. The flowers and red checks and ruffles are very feminine. Your girl will look absolutely adorable!

Girl's print dress Lolittos

For a classic look, this grey top with its pretty white ruffle collar by Un beso de mariposa is ideal. Match it with this cute grey-and-white star print skirt, also by Un beso de mariposa, for a timeless style.

Girl's grey topGirl's grey star print skirt

For girls who like to look elegant, this pink dress by Bella Bimba is a fantastic choice. Its intricate black lace around the collar and pockets is a lovely detail and does not overpower the outfit.

Girl's pink lace dress

Boys will look incredibly sophisticated in this red checked shirt and light green short set by Lolittos. As is the custom with Spanish children’s clothing, the attention to detail is superb as demonstrated by the matching red and white trim on the pockets of these shorts.

Boys checked shirt and shorts

Fun Valentine’s food ideas your children will love

Children love themed food, so why not go all out and make lots of Valentine’s treats? Your little guests will be delighted if you use a heart-shaped cutter to make sandwiches and pizzas. For a blast of Valentine’s Day colours, place strawberries and raspberries in bowls. You can also make a heart-shaped cake or cupcakes and ice them with red, pink and white. Fill one glass jar with red sweets and another with pink sweets and tie a red bow around them. 

Valentine’s party craft activities to keep the guests happy

Sometimes it can be difficult to keep children entertained at a party. Children will find the party even more fun if they can make their own Valentine’s gifts. For example, they can make heart lolly pops by cutting out heart-shaped templates from card and sticking them on to flat lollypops. By bending red and pink pipe cleaners, the children can make a sweet heart wreath. Let the children use their own creativity by making Valentine’s Day cards to give to the special people in their lives. Mums, dads and grandparents will be thrilled to receive these precious gifts at the end of the party.

We hope that you have enjoyed these ideas on how to decorate your house, dress your child in sweet outfits, make the food extra special and what crafts to make. We wish you a very happy Valentine’s Day with your children.

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