Introducing Vagaluz, a children's clothing boutique from Spain

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Introducing Vagaluz, a children's clothing boutique from Spain

Welcome to Vagaluz, one of Spain’s premier retailers of children’s clothing. In recent years, Spain has dominated the world of children’s fashion, with even royalty proving themselves to be fans of the timeless elegance and unique style that Spanish children’s clothing has to offer. With Vagaluz’s expansion outside of Spain, customers in the UK now have the opportunity to sample the best of Spanish design for their own little ones.

Vagaluz was founded by a fashion-loving mum who set up a children’s clothing boutique in the town of Foz in north-west Spain. The success of the shop led to the creation of an online store for Spanish clients. Now Vagaluz is making an international presence and is pleased to introduce its clothing to customers in the UK.


A great selection of quality clothing

Vagaluz prides itself on offering high-quality children’s clothing that is stylish, comfortable and durable. Vagaluz’s store is home to many different brands of clothing, the majority of which are from Spanish designers. If you would like your child to make a fashion statement and dress with panache, but not compromise on comfort or quality, then Vagaluz is the online store for you! There really is something for everyone.

Inside Vagaluz store


What Vagaluz’s online boutique has to offer

So, what is available from Vagaluz’s online boutique? Customers can choose from a large variety of clothing for babies, boys and girls, from items such as jumpers, shirts, trousers, skirts and dresses and swimwear.

There are also a number of fashionable accessories like necklaces and bracelets, hairbands and hair clips, hats and scarves, toiletry bags and towels. It also offers shoes.  Vagaluz’s outlet store allows customers to purchase clothing that is out of season at a lower price. Orders are usually processed within 48 hours and shipping to the UK costs €6 per order.

  Vagaluz store from outside


Information about brands, fashion tips and trends and advice on health and lifestyle

Since Vagaluz is a retailer of many brands of clothing which have very different styles, this blog will provide information about each brand and their varying design characteristics. It will also feature fashion tips and information about all the latest trends from the world of children’s fashion. Readers will also receive advice on children’s health and lifestyle.

Here are examples of just some of the Spanish brands available to order from Vagaluz’s online boutique:

  •  Nanos: Established in 1963, Nanos is one of the brands that is at the forefront of Spanish children’s clothing, both within Spain and overseas.
  •  Lollitos: Offers classic and tasteful clothing that is made to a very high standard. This brand is a favourite with our customers.
  •  Badum Badero: This brand designs clothing that is both fun and practical.
  •  José Varón: With over 40 years in the textile sector, this brand offers outstanding quality for the price. Its designs, which are for adults as well as for babies and children, are classic and elegant with great attention to detail.
  • Trasluz: Designs clothing for the discerning client. Clothing that is comfortable, elegant and of great quality.


We at Vagaluz hope that you will enjoy finding out more about these and the many other brands available from our online boutique. If you would like your child to dress in a special and unique way then Vagaluz is the site to explore!




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