Why interactive, educational toys are good for our children

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Why interactive, educational toys are good for our children

Psychologists are in agreement about the important role toys should play in children’s lives. Toys are becoming more and more sophisticated with each year that passes and, in particular, the market for interactive toys is booming. Most interactive toys are designed to be educational yet fun. There are numerous tablets designed for children, games that introduce scientific themes to children, and even games to help teach children coding.

At Vagaluz, we would like to share with you some of the benefits interactive toys can have for your children. 


How interactive toys can improve children’s brain function and development

Interactive bear

Interactive toys were created to improve children’s cognitive abilities and aid with their development. Many of the toys may help consolidate what children learn at school, whilst introducing younger children to a range of academic concepts, such as mathematics, language, science and music. For example, young children may learn about numbers, shapes, colours and vocabulary. In fact, interactive toys can be viewed as a kind of extra-curricular activity because of all the different subjects they offer.

Interactive toys also encourage children to develop their problem solving skills and use strategies. They may have to answer questions about the size of things, match words, numbers, shapes and other objects, for instance. 

Many of the toys challenge children and make them use their memory to memorise and recall information. Do not forget that children spend a lot of energy playing and studying, so they should start the day with an optimal breakfast.


The importance of interactive, educational toys for children’s motor skills

A key part of children’s development involves them having good motor skills, and interactive toys can help with this. Some of the toys can help children’s gross motors skills by having children move and balance different parts of their bodies. This strengthens children’s bodies and can help give them confidence. Many of the toys are especially helpful for fine motor skills and involve children having to use their fine motor skills by pressing buttons, for example. Having good fine motor skills is crucial for handwriting. 


Children’s social skills can be developed by playing with interactive toys

Boys with robot

As we all know, children need to learn social skills, such as being polite, working with others and being patient. Interactive toys can be a great way to teach children these skills. Children must learn to wait their turn in a game and be gracious in victory or defeat! These are skills that will serve them well in their adult lives.


Let interactive toys inspire your child to learn

Girl, computer and teddy bear

One of the most important benefits of interactive, educational toys is that they can be a lot of fun. There are so many different toys to choose from and all age groups are catered for. Children enjoy the challenges that the toys provide and learn new concepts without realising they are being taught. As we all know, half the battle of educating children is getting them to be enthusiastic about learning. With all the excitement and interest that interactive toys can inspire, they are a really great way to help educate children.

As we have demonstrated, interactive toys are a fantastic way to supplement children’s education. They can help develop children’s motor, cognitive and social skills. More importantly, they are fun and foster children’s interest whilst teaching them at the same time. What could be better?

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