Fashion Special: Classic, high-quality outfits by Ralph Lauren

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Fashion Special: Classic, high-quality outfits by Ralph Lauren

Ralph Lauren’s outfits are a staple on catwalks all over the globe. What began in New York in 1967 as a company selling men’s ties has since blossomed into a fashion powerhouse that dominates the world of design. Lauren is interested in sports and, therefore, chose the name Polo to be synonymous with his company when he ventured into men’s wear. Polo Ralph Lauren’s clothing is renowned for its classic, high-quality styles. Let’s have a look at some of the Polo Ralph Lauren range we have. You will find elegant outfits that are perfect for your children.

A simple and practical design for your girl

Stripes never go out of fashion. This lovely pink and white shirt dress will, therefore, not only allow your girl to be fashion-forward, it will add elegance to her look. The pretty colour is perfect for spring and summer. With leggings or tights, like these ones from Condor, the dress would also work well in the cooler autumn and winter months.

girl's shirt dress


A casual dress for everyday comfort

This knit blue dress is a great option for when girls want to look smart but not be restricted by formal clothing. This outfit is sporty. It is ideal for girls who do not like a lot of fuss and prefer simplicity.  When it’s chilly, this beautiful yellow poncho by Nanos would make a fantastic addition.

girl's blue polo dress

Girl's yellow poncho

A diagonal stripe for a classic look

Ralph Lauren does not just limit the use of stripes to girls’ clothing, they also feature in boys’ designs too. In this navy and white short-sleeve shirt, the diagonal stripe is an interesting focal point and makes a nice change from horizontal or vertical stripes. Teamed with these dark jeans, also by Ralph Lauren, your boy will have a smart but casual look. The shirt would also go well with shorts or trousers.

boys' diagonal stripe shirt

Boys' jeans Ralph Lauren

Style and versatility with shorts

This traditional white polo shirt is practicalelegant, and will go with many different types of chlothing. For example, it would look great with these red shorts. Their striped belt and  lovely warm colour are really fashionable. For cooler temperatures, this turquoise hooded top looks fantastic with the red shorts. Each of these items of clothing is very versatile and can be combined with many different colours and styles. 

Boy's white Ralph Lauren shirt

Boys' red shorts

Boys' turquoise hooded topAs we have shown, the Polo Ralph Lauren brand offers a wide variety of clothing that is sure to appeal to children. Children can look elegant but still feel comfortable. Moreover, the fabrics are of good quality and are durable… perfect for children and their rough-and-tumble play. If you choose to invest in Polo Ralph Lauren, you will receive clothes that will stand the test of time - something that is of utmost importance when we are buying clothing for our children! Why not have a look at all the designs we have available by this icon of world fashion?

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